Happily involved Dads’ help create happy involved kids.

Sometimes life can feel like the only purpose for a Dad is to donate sufficient DNA to create life and then head off into the employment stratosphere to keep the money rolling in. Well perhaps at one time, however this is not that time even though we know families are often working harder and longer to create a lifestyle and then don’t have time to enjoy it. So why do we need Dad’s? A couple of quick thoughts – who is going to provide the example of a safe caring respectful man so that our son’s know how to grow into one and our daughters know how to recognise one if we are never involved? Children will go looking for that example elsewhere, so are you happy if they turn to other males in t

Making Peace with Food

Have you struggled for years with your relationship with food and feel stuck in a pattern of guilt, shame and frustration towards yourself? Have you ever felt like you are the only one who can’t get it together, the only person who can’t just resist the urge for ice-cream, or who ends up eating a second serve when you are already totally full? If so, you are not alone. However, chances are that when you have done the thing that you promised yourself you would ‘never do again’ that’s exactly how you feel…. totally alone. It is in these moments that we often start to visualize the people who seem to have it “all together” and for whom food isn’t a problem. We start mercilessly beating ourselv

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