International Women's Day 2019

March 8th saw us celebrate International Women's Day. In the lead up, we put a call out to our WHWS community, for contributions of any kind, to see what the women in our area have been up to. We were so pleased with the contributions sent in and we really thank each of you who took the time to share with us your talents. We received such wonderful feedback and the overall consensus was a big "We have some seriously talented women in our community" Read on to see the beautiful variety of entries we received. Lori Lennox - Jane Hebiton Tassell - A View From a Senior - Joanne Sharp - RECIPTE CONTRIBUTION - We thank you all for your contributions. Stay tuned throughout the year as we will do mo

Hacks for Household Chores that Boost Productivity at Work

Have you ever thought of winding up your chores quickly to reach office on time, that too without looking tired and sleepy? Have you ever imagined a weekend, which you can just enjoy and not spend in doing laundry and cleaning? Well, these situations are not imaginary and unattainable. We bring to you a few hacks which will help you manage home chores effectively and in turn boost your performance at home. After all it is all about creating a perfect balance between your work and family life. Take a look. Control your need for cleaning If things don’t look dirty, don’t clean them. At times, you need to control your compulsion for a bacteria-free home. You need to realise that you stay in you

5 Tips for New Mums to manage Work- Life Balance

This is a shout out to all you women out there who are still struggling and juggling between diapers and laptops. Yes! We truly understand your pain. Balancing between work and home can be a tedious and hectic task for sure; especially for new mums. With an added responsibility of a child, not only your work but your home managing skills can go for a toss. And being a working mother, I can vouch for that. These unending situations often lead to stress, body ache, fatigue and in extreme cases, even anxiety and depression. Well, I am not here to scratch your sores but to soothe and ease your pain. Take a look at a few tips and tricks on how you can effectively manage your work, home and little

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