8 Parenting Tips

Parenting is not easy! There is no manual for parenting and not only do you have to learn as you go along but by the time you have got it sussed the children have grown out of that stage and it’s time to learn again! It takes a village Decades ago we would have been surrounded by other mums, we would have seen them raising their children, seen what worked and what didn’t. When it was our turn to raise our children we would have a village to offer support. Now we have no village, just the internet. With this in mind I chatted to some friends and we came up with a couple of parenting tips and tricks that you might not have thought of if you are new to the game. As I am sure you can tell, while

Why Sacred Circles for Girls?

9-12-year-old girls are in a precious age, the preteen age where they are discovering who they are at the same time as trying to fit in among their peers. It can be a time of confusion, of being unsure of who they are and how they fit into their world. They may criticise themselves and feel like nothing that they do or say is good enough, they may feel not pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough the list is endless. This is where circles come in. A circle with other girls is a place to explore who they are. It’s a place to tap into their potential, the beauty within and all those glorious qualities that they hold and bring them into the light. A place where we they are held and loved by ea

School Holidays Blog - Sanity Saving Tips

School holidays are just around the corner. I know you have started dreading those days with just the mere thought of it. Well, it is not even that panicky a situation than you thought of. All you need to do is embrace this phase positively and plan it well to make it a wonderful time for both you and your kids. And, if you think planning is not your cup of tea, we have that sorted for you as well. Here is a list of ongoing activities for your kids to make their vacation a fun and enriching time. Take a look. And don’t worry, it is going to be very light on your pocket. Have fun! Nexus Toy Fair (Saturday 13th April 2019) If you child is crazy for toys, action figures, comics, cards, Simpsons

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