Board Game Challenge!

Wow, I thought keeping kids entertained during regular school holidays was hard! The restrictions we are experiencing these school holidays as a result of Covid-19 are adding a whole new dimension to fighting school holiday boredom… For our family, adding some routine into our day has helped to get us through the week. These pockets of activity have given the kids something to look forward to, breaking up the long days at home. One of our daily activities is the ‘Board Game Challenge’ (anyone who has kids that watch The Norris Nuts on YouTube will understand kids’ current obsession with challenges). We have committed to playing a different board game each day of the school holidays. I don’t

Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

Getting a good quality night's sleep is one of the essential foundations to overall health. Its purpose is to rest and regenerate your body

Physical Activity for Better Mental Health and Stronger Immunity

Being physically active for overall health and wellbeing is important in everyone’s lives. Establishing and maintaining ways to keep your body moving should be a high priority during times of stress, anxiety and depression to support your mental health and immunity. Research shows that physical activity releases serotonin which is the feel good hormone naturally produced by your body. Getting a daily dose of exercise will help to ease the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety, fear, anger and grief that you may be experiencing in relation to a stressful life event. Being active reduces your risk of heart disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes. It also strengthens your muscles and bones,

Holding on to sweet nothing!

I saw a funny article’s headline today: ‘Introverts joy of lockdown getting ruined by extroverts filling their schedules with video appointments’.. followed up by the wistful caption: ‘The struggle is real.’ Yes, we home bodies are rumoured to be taking to this social distancing well. But it seems just as I was rubbing my hands together contemplating how delicious it will be to sink into a solitary groove of pottering with a side dish of quiet reflection. There have been a barrage of Facebook public service announcements and meme’s: “Make sure you stay connected! Make sure you keep a routine going! It’s important to schedule exercise and social time”. My hopes to cash in on some guilt-free ‘

Catching your breath during parenting...

Before becoming a parent I had quite firm ideas in my mind of what it would be like. Ofcourse I would be able to continue working the way I was beforehand. Travel? No problem. Working from home, no problem, I will just log in when the baby sleeps and get a good couple of hours in. My house? That won’t be a problem. I will have the baby’s room and the rest of the house will just stay the same way that it is now. My car? Well to be honest I don’t think it ever occurred to me that my car would end up looking like a pantry. But had it, I would have said no way, the kids can eat when they get home, they don’t need to eat in the car. Well, as I type this, my hair is being brushed and filled with b

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