The Magic of Mindfulness

Living a life mindfully is like looking through a camera lens to appreciate the vibrant colours of the landscape or savouring the array of flavours while eating a delicious meal. It can feel like being immersed in an experience without distraction. Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and actions in the present moment - without judging or criticizing yourself or your experience. The beauty of mindfulness practice is that it is accessible and attainable to anyone who is interested to learn. My curiosity towards mindfulness began at the age of 20 when I first stepped into a yoga class. I loved the feeling of peacefulness that swept over me as I

Hugs Anyone?

Hugs, anyone? For the tactile amongst us, and even those who usually prefer personal space, it can be a stretch to go such a long time without a cuddle! I’ve noticed it creep up on me as a background grumpiness or irritability. I miss hugging my dad, my friends, my partner. It’s become a sheepish preoccupation. It seems so aloof to stand away from one another during a greeting or goodbye, hovering in that moment of tension when you would otherwise be reaching in for a kiss, hug or handshake. Despite trying to make the elbow bump fashionable, I worry that my dad takes my social distancing a bit personally. We can all understand the (covid-19 protocols) on an intellectual level, but on a gut

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