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Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services with sponsorship from the City of Gosnells launched a new recreation program in February 2020 called Wellness Warriors. The program aims to support women in their quest to achieve stronger physical and mental health. Each week of the 10 week program, the women will visit a variety of community venues to try a range of sport, recreational and fitness activities. It’s all about having fun and giving it a go – no experience necessary! By nature, women are social creatures so this program gives women a chance to meet other women and make new friends. A lot of laughter is shared while everyone joins in the activity together and then there is time to share a c

What Anxiety Feels Like To Me

Anxiety didn’t really rear it’s ugly head for me until after I had my kids and the sleep deprivation really kicked in. In hindsight it was there prior, but the lack of sleep, mixed with the massive changes in my life were what took me from feeling ok to turning up in the Doctor’s office certain that I was having a heart attack. When the Doctor told me he thought it could possibly be a panic attack due to my anxiety I was certain he didn’t know what he was talking about and I, with approximately 0 years of medical school under my belt, was sure it was in fact a heart attack. Side note, I am still yet to have that heart attack, but what would he know? 😊 Anxiety is a thief, it really is. It ta

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