"Infuriated by the Infection" - Anger & COVID-19

We have all ridden the rollercoaster of different emotions related to the Global Pandemic of Corona Virus COVID-19 and the impact it has had on our lives. It has affected each and every one of us in different ways and what initially for many, instilled in us a real sense of fear, seems to have shifted to residual feelings of anger. We have all seen the ugly side of the anger associated with this virus. The fights in supermarkets over toilet paper, the racism shown towards people, and the hateful messages and sentiment shared on social media. So where has the anger come from? Why do I feel angry? The main reason people are feeling angry and frustrated is the lack of control. None of us asked

Board game review part 1

At the end of every year my family sit together and we write a list of 100 things we are going to do in the next year. We go around the table and everyone adds something to the list that they would like us to do. Lets just say it's an eclectic list! One of the 100 things that my 13 year old son suggested was that he wanted to play a board game a day for 30 days. As with so many other families we are busy, I had no idea how we were going to fit in a game EVERY day for a whole month. Well the universe showed me there is a way! One of our staff coined the term Corona Bonus, one of the bonuses was that all the events, after school activities etc came to a grinding halt and we magically found tim

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