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Elephant in the room

You are not alone

Parenthood isn’t how I imagined it! I had a romanticised vision of myself and my husband walking hand in hand through the park with baby in a pram, autumn leaves falling and a dog trotting obediently at our side. I have no idea why I imagined it this way, our dog had never trotted obediently by our side before and my husband is not a fan of exercise, I thank rom-coms for that particular unrealistic expectation! New motherhood did not look like my expectation. There were a lot less moments looking adoringly into my husband’s eyes and a lot more dirty dishes and sleepless nights (I’m not even going to mention the sexy tens stockings after the emergency cesear)!

It takes a village!

We talk about ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ yet where is the village? With a new baby comes a new role, not only does a new baby create new mummy and daddy but often first time grandparents as well. We are aware of the incidence of perinatal mental health (one in five women and one in ten men will experience mental health concerns during pregnancy or after baby is born) but when we are in the thick of it all it can be hard to see it. For those people around the new parents, they might be able to see it but don’t know how to approach the subject or they don’t know where to go for support.

Families are left with so much uncertainty!


Frequently asked questions:

  • Is this normal?

  • What’s the difference between PNDA and baby blues, when should I start worrying?

  • What even is PNDA?

  • What does ‘normal for PNDA’ actually mean?

  • Where can I go for support?

  • If I admit to having PNDA will my baby be taken away from me?

  • What support is available?

  • What can I do to support a loved on in my life who is experiencing PNDA?

  • How can I help?






WHWS in partnership with CPPS have come together to run an event “The Elephant in the Room” where we will be focusing on answering all these questions and more!

Wednesday 23rd June


Don Russel Performing Arts Centre

Murdoch Rd, Thornlie







Hear from a mum who has experienced perinatal mental health, hear from a dad who supported his partner through perinatal mental health issues and how he supported her and the impact it had on him and what he learned. You really aren’t alone! Hear about the hows and whys of PNDA, and where you can access supports. After the speakers head on out into the foyer where a range of services will be available to talk to you about the services that they have right then and there!





Not just for new mums with perinatal mental health concerns! It takes a village - be part of the village!


We understand that coming to an event that focuses on perinatal mental health (mental health from conception until your youngest child is 4) can be confronting.


This is a relaxed event presented by real people, we are approachable and we have been working with women in the perinatal period for more than 18 years so we know our stuff but we aren’t stuffy and pretentious.


We are encouraging people to bring a family member or a friend with them if that makes it more comfortable to attend and this event isn’t only for new mums.


We realise that when we say ‘it takes a village’ there are lots of people who want to be part of a new family’s village but they often feel unprepared and don’t know how they can be supportive. If you are a new dad, a grandparent, an aunty, an uncle, a friend, you work in childcare, or you are in any position where you have lots of contact with new parents and you want to be as informed as possible, this is for you!



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