You don’t have to be the expert – let us support you!

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The incidence of mental health issues is increasing, it is impacting the work force, it is impacting our relationships, it is impacting our children. You can’t be an expert in all aspects of mental health. What we do is talk to you about the areas of concern and come up with a tailored plan so that we can support you and the people you support to better mental health.


Elevate Wellbeing is a branch of GWHS and we have been supporting people to become the best version of themselves for almost 30 years.  We have supported individuals with one on one counselling, groups, information and education, business training, supervision and more. Over the decades we have worked with thousands of people to give them the skills to make stunning positive growth and change. 

We realised:

  • The prevalence of mental health issues is increasing,

  • Work places are being impacted and people without any counselling training are finding themselves in situations where they are out of their depth!

  • Work places are experiencing financial implications due to the increased sick leave and staff turnover as a result

  • Work places are a great place to be able to offer some primary prevention, get in early to support people to be more mentally healthy and we are less likely to see them needing time off for counselling, or get in early with support and reduce the amount of support a person may need, reduce the risk of burn out and staff turnover. 



We can offer the courses and workshops, EAP, training and counselling AT the WORK PLACE to support not only individuals but also the employer. We have a range of workshops we can run.