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The incidence of mental health issues is increasing, it is impacting students, parents, teacher, the school and the community. We are asking so much of our teachers, the load is getting heavier and we want to offer a way to lighten your load. You aren’t an expert in mental health but we are. We can talk to you about the issues that are impacting your school, your staff and your students and come up with a tailored plan so that we can support your school community to better mental health.


Elevate Wellbeing is a branch of GWHS and we have been supporting people to become the best version of themselves for almost 30 years.  We have supported individuals with one on one counselling, groups, information and education, business training, supervision and more. Over the decades we have worked with thousands of people to give them the skills to make stunning positive growth and change. 

We realised:

  • The prevalence of mental health issues is increasing,

  • Teachers leave university with a qualification in teaching and yet in almost any classroom in the school there are multiple children (or parents of children) with mental health issues and those issues impact the classroom

  • Teachers and admin staff without any counselling training are finding themselves in situations where they are out of their depth!

  • While there is great policies and procedures in place to deal with disclosure, there is very little in place to support the staff member who has experienced that disclosure and the vicarious trauma that comes with it (it can be traumatic to hear a disclosure! How do you deal with the emotions it brings up?)

  • Compassion fatigue is very real! How can teachers and admin look after themselves so they don’t experience burn out?

  • The cost to a school in sick leave, stress leave and staff turnover can be high.

  • Our older students can find themselves in situations where they are being a confidant and they don’t have the skills or knowledge to deal with that or to know when or how to access support.

  • With the rate of childhood mental health issues increasing there is an increasing number of parents who are looking for support to support their children and often schools are the first point of call for parents and we circle all the way back to that not being a teacher’s primary role!

  • Work places are a great place to be able to offer some primary prevention, get in early to support people to be more mentally healthy and we are less likely to see them needing time off for counselling, or get in early with support and reduce the amount of support a person may need, reduce the risk of burn out and staff turnover. 




Elevate Wellbeing can support your school!

We have been supporting the mental health of the community for almost 30 years. We can offer courses and workshops for your staff, we can run workshops for your students, and we can offer courses and workshops for your parents (which we can run as a fundraiser for the school as an option as well!), we can also offer counselling and supervision for your admin team. We will support you as you support your teachers, students and community! We’ve got you covered!


  • Empower your teachers to feel confident in a classroom with students experiencing mental health issues (themselves or at home)

  • Reduce compassion fatigue in your staff

  • Reduce your staff’s anxiety over saying the wrong thing.

  • Care for your students by caring for your teachers and support staff!

This branch of GWHS was created after speaking with a teacher. In a class with 32 students she had over 20 students with IEPs, mental health issues, behavioural issues, family mental health conditions, CPFS involved, VROs, the list goes on. She was totally out of her depth with students who were experiencing mental health issues, either their own or their parents. How was she supposed to be able to teach these students when she couldn’t reach them because of everything else that was going on in their lives and she was paralysed because she was so worried she would say the wrong thing. We spoke with other teachers, she wasn’t alone!

We took those experiences and combined it with the skills and knowledge of our multidisciplinary team and we tailored programs specifically for schools so that we can support teachers to do their job AND look after their own wellbeing! We tailored an attachment program that we were running for parents and adapted it for schools. It focuses on how teachers can create a classroom where students  feel safe and secure in the classroom and with their fight or flight response reduced they are mentally able to learn. We created a basic suicide risk assessment training workshop where we focused on reducing the fear of saying the wrong thing and instead we focused on some simple strategies to support teachers if they are in a situation where they are concerned for a student’s safety. We created a teachers selfcare workshop where we focused on the importance of teachers and school staff looking after themselves and strategies to support their own mental health and wellbeing. We also have workshops we can run for parents and ones we can run for students.

These workshops have been designed in consultation with teachers and leadership teams. These workshops have been designed with staff wellbeing in mind. In the same way that creating a safe classroom space for students turns off their fight or flight response, when we create a safe working environment for our teachers and school staff we see that their fight or flight response is reduced, we see overall health improve and they are able to achieve better outcomes in the classroom and in their lives outside of the school with less illness, less stress and less risk of burn out. The staff benefit, their families benefit, the students benefit and the school benefits (and the budget benefits as well with less cost for relief teachers!)


Introductory SALE!

Regular price for our 1.5 hour teacher and staff workshops is $500. All workshops booked before 30th June 2021 will receive the introductory price of only $350!

Call now 94902258 or email to discuss your needs and find the perfect workshop (or workshop combination) for your school!


So many workshops tailored to your needs

Each school and the pressures of the school is unique. We have a sample list of workshops that we can offer to support your staff, students and parents but we can meet with you and discuss your needs and come up with the perfect solution tailored just for you!

Call 9490 2258 or email to book your obligation free meeting to discuss how we can help support your school!