Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling

Women's Health and Wellbeing Services offers counselling to help women who have had any personal concerns related to a current or recent past pregnancy (in the last 12 months).  This is whether it’s been a full-term pregnancy, termination, loss of a pregnancy or she is currently pregnant and would like to explore possible options.  Non-directive counselling means assisting a client to resolve her own problems, without a solution being offered by the counsellor.  Medicare rebates are available for up to 3 sessions, and a woman’s partner can attend also (although the Medicare rebate is the same).

What is the cost?
The costs for each session with a referral from your GP are $53 with a concession card or $73 non concession .

Without a referral the sessions costs $115 with a concession card or $135 non concession.

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