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Education & Community Talks  

WHWS is pleased to offer educational talks to support teachers, educators, parents and community groups. These talks are available at your workplace/ community space or at the WHWS office. 

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Referring provider information for WHWS Counselling Services

WHWS is able to offer Perth counselling appointments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am - 4.30pm. Thursday 9am - 9pm from our Gosnells office, sadly we are unable to offer after hours or emergency counselling services.

Client eligibility

WHWS is a gendered family service supporting individual, couple, family and child clients, with non-acute, non-chronic, common mental disorders of mild to moderate severity. Clients must be able to maintain their own safety between appointments.


Exclusion criteria

Please note the following are not eligible for WHWS services;

  • Clients who are at acute or immediate risk of suicide  

  • Clients with acute mental health needs and or in crisis

  • Clients who have been hospitalised due to self-harm in the past 3 months

  • Clients with long term chronic, complex mental health issues; e.g. Acute Psychotic conditions


**Clients who present in the exclusion criteria are best treated by either Emergency department, MEAD

or psychiatrist.

Our Services

WHWS provides an initial comprehensive assessment, ensuring that our clients are matched with a therapist and services that best meet their needs. We offer individual, couple and family counselling sessions with one of our professionally qualified counselors or psychologists. Therapeutic Groups are offered throughout the year by our Counsellors & Psychologists.

Services includes:

To find out more about our services, please click on the buttons below, use the drop down menu or call the office on 9490 2258.