Self Paced Learning

Are you looking to learn more without the time commitment of formal study?

The Hidden World of you offers a variety of programs written by trained staff at WHWS. From anxiety, to self care, to parenting and finances. There are many topics to choose from.

Work at your own pace and complete only the groups that take your fancy. Your login gives you access to all groups, so even if you change your mind down the track and do want to look at that financial course, then you can!

For the next 50 days we are running a one month free promo. Not only will you get the first month of your membership for FREE but your pricing will remain the same for the lifetime of your membership. So as more courses are loaded, if our prices rise, yours will stay the same. We like to reward loyalty and trying something new! You just need to enter 1FREE at the checkout and the discount will be applied.


Happy Learning!

Making Cents of Money

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Money has the power to cause much stress and frustration in our lives. It can affect our mental health, our relationships and our sense of confidence.  Making Cents of Money is a group focused on increasing your  awareness of your behaviours and beliefs around money. It will help you develop an understanding about what is keeping you stuck repeating the same unhelpful patterns with money. We will support you in developing tools that will assist you in moving forward. It is not a group about budgeting or money management, it rather aims to encourage a more holistic and mindful relationship with money so that you can get more control over the finances in your life.


4 Module course - complete in your own time


Self Compassion 

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Self compassion is the new black! Research is showing that being kind to ourselves actually helps us become more resilient, productive and have greater stamina to care for others. Wouldn't it be great if we could treat ourselves with respect and care just like you would a dear friend or child. Learn practical tools in a safe and supportive environment to become a better friend to yourself through life's challenges, after all your first and longest relationship is with yourself.


5 module course - complete in your own time


Shifting your perception of anxiety


Change your relationship with anxiety. Using tools such as  mindfulness, self-acceptance and self-compassion, this seven module, self paced course is a great way to change the way you think about anxiety and work towards living with anxiety in a positive way.


7 module course - complete in your own time


Surviving ATAR - A webinar for year 12 students


A 30 minute webinar designed to be filled with useful strategies and skills that students (from teens to adults) can implement to reduce stress and anxiety around ATAR and exams in general 


Facebook Lives

Monday Musings with Tara - All different topics

If you miss the live, don't worry. Videos are saved to our Facebook page and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

If you miss the live, don't worry. Videos are saved to our Facebook page and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

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