Why Sacred Circles for Girls?

9-12-year-old girls are in a precious age, the preteen age where they are discovering who they are at the same time as trying to fit in among their peers. It can be a time of confusion, of being unsure of who they are and how they fit into their world.

They may criticise themselves and feel like nothing that they do or say is good enough, they may feel not pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough the list is endless. This is where circles come in.

A circle with other girls is a place to explore who they are. It’s a place to tap into their potential, the beauty within and all those glorious qualities that they hold and bring them into the light. A place where we they are held and loved by each other for exactly who they are.

It’s also a place for them to remember their dreams and express them out into reality. When we tap into our innate skills and qualities through the eyes of love and acceptance it offers space for them to connect to their dreams and visions with purpose and intent.

It offers them the space and ability to see who they are as glorious and tap into the infinite possibilities for their lives, free from the constraints of being told what is or is not possible. The place with endless possibilities when they create from their divine core.

My vision for these circles is for these young girls to come out our time feeling like they are exactly where they need to be. Feeling like they are loveable and loved just as they are and being able to see all of their qualities as part of who they truly are, a very special and unique piece of the universe. I want these girls to be filled with a sense of purpose and belonging and from that place know that anything is possible for their futures. To shine bright as their true selves without feeling the need that they have to change or hide parts of themselves to fit in like so many women do.

Tanya will be running a Shine Bright Girls Workshop at Women's Health & Wellbeing Services in Gosnells this April School Holidays. For more information and bookings, please visit https://events.humanitix.com.au/shinebrightgirls

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