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We know that sharing our stories helps lots of people and would love to have a place where people can go to read through a whole variety of topics. Feeling less alone is a good thing. If you have a story you would like to share, please send it to info@whws.org.au. All stories will be anonymous unless you would like to have your name published.

I was keen to complete the Circle of Security programme as it appears to be highly regarded.  The women's health service in Gosnells ran the group at a time that fit for me around my child & work commitments. While it was a little bit of travel for me, it was at an affordable cost & well worth the effort. I found the facilitator to be professional as well as warm & relatable. I also found reception staff to be particularly helpful & friendly.  The circle of security course was indeed invaluable. I feel I RESPOND more to my little girl now, rather than simply REACT.  And of course for those times that I do still react, I am less hard on myself & am able to repair/reconnect with her. My knowledge & confidence has definitely increased. There are other programmes & services that I am interested in attending in the future."

"My story starts with me going to the Gosnells Relationships Australia, unfortunately they could not see me at the time they referred me to 2 other organisations in the building.

One of the organisations was the Gosnells Women's Health Centre and when I walked in there holding back the tears I asked if I could see someone, unfortunately they were very booked up and said they didn’t have an appointment available for a week or so I think the receptionist could see how much I needed help at the time and said she would put me on the waiting list for any cancelations. Luckily they managed to fit me in the following day and I stayed over my appointment time but they were absolutely fabulous such a kind and calming place.


I had just been physically restrained by my father in-law and not allowed to leave our house with our    children and he was telling our employees I had a mental problem and needed help as he was dragging me out of vehicles and would not even let me leave with one of the employee's at the time, the children and I were very frightened and had to hide in the paddock as he was driving around yelling at us from the car not to be stupid and go home.


When my husband got home he was very upset with me and the next day he said he was going to kill me because I had upset him by making things difficult for him with his father, my husband had physically assaulted me previously on more than one occasion and was braking and throwing things and getting very angry at the time and I believed he might follow through with his words this time.


So when I arrived at the Womens health centre I was quite upset and confused I believed that it was my fault that I should just do as I was told, its very hard when you have a whole family convincing you that you should be doing things a certain way and you are to scared to talk to   anyone about your situation. 


So to speak with someone openly about what was happening was a blessing and I’m so very grateful that their doors were open to me and my children if needed, it has helped me to open up to people around me who care about me and not feel so ashamed about everything that has happened. I doubt anyone will ever know my full story but I have already started to see the support has gone along way to helping me regain my life and hope that it continues to be there for anyone else who needs it in the future."

"Several years ago I was at my lowest point, kids left home, mum sick, home business struggling. Your one on one counselling and self esteem course plus the anxiety course gave me so much understanding of what was going on in my world. I felt safe in your care, and made friends in each group. I now use the skills I learnt to help my grandchildren when they are worried. My grandson was so proud the other morning when he slept in his own bed all night. I used the 5 things mindfulness idea, along with a cuddle. My grand daughter now in year 2 still tells remembers the day care area I would leave her in. She wants to come back.!!

Thankyou all lovely ladies."

As a result of attending Women's Health and Wellbeing Services, do you have an example of a positive change you have made in your life?

Yes, the Shifting Your Perception of Anxiety course was a total game changer for me. In short, when I started, I could barely leave the house. Now, I’m going shopping, meeting friends and doing the school run again. Thank you.

I used to have panic attacks going to work because it was the source of many of my anxiety problems. Denise has given me the tools to help me go to work without feeling invalid. I also use the tools I’ve been given in other areas of my life. As a result I am more calmer and in a better mental state


I feel more confident and act with any changes to mental health

Absolutely.  In my darkest times with PND, attending Mother Nurture Group helped so much. To talk about my experience with other mothers in similar situations made me feel it was ok to feel the way i was feeling. It also gave me a purpose to leave the house, every week for 10 weeks, even if i didn't want to. 

Yes I understand me better and I am liking me all my life I felt lost I am not lost anymore.  I can deal with whatever comes my way.

I have gained sufficient confidence and strategies to apply for jobs in the field that caused me to leave and created my problem..  I have now secured a casual position, thanks to WHWS

I feel better prepared to engage with things that may have been a little scary before.

I have recognised my strengths which has given me confidence that has improved my mental health

When I am confronted with a negative issue, I try to take a step back in my mind and ponder on the issue at hand and then try to re-act in a positive manner so as not to let the issue drag me down.